Military Diet Day 3

Finally onto my last day of this diet and can not be happier. same as yesterday i grabbed my piece of fruit before taking the kids to school. Was a little bit naughty and got the bus in as i refuse to make my babies walk to school when it is this cold. Plus i fell flat on my ass as soon as i left the flat, to the kids amusement, and that of all the parents at school when they just had to tell them “Mammy went weeeeeee”. Lucky for me a lot of the other parents had similar stories, its great when your not alone haha. Back home and time to have my slice of cheese and 3 crackers. I was in heaven missed my cheese so goddamned much.

Egg on toast again for lunch. Starting to actually look forward to this and thinking maybe, teamed up with a bit of fruit and a cuppa, i could eat this for lunch when this diets finally over. But alas i cant have the fruit or cuppa so that dream will just have to wait.

Dinner. Thank god this is my last meal as i have noticed each meal is getting smaller and smaller and i honestly don’t think they could get any smaller then 2 tins of tuna and half a banana. I AM STARVING!!!! At least i got some apple juice to go with the dry tuna. if i ever have to have tuna again it will be too soon. to think people actually do this diet and think “oh that was easy” or “i really enjoyed that” if i don’t see more then 10lbs difference on those scales in the morning i am going to self combust.


I would like to say that i have had fun doing this military diet or that it was easy but it was neither.  I cant wait to wake up in the morning and stick the kettle on and I’ve been dreaming about peanut butter on toast since day 1. coming off caffeine is the hardest thing I’ve done and its something i wont be sticking to i miss it far too much. I’ve looked forward to every meal time as I’ve been starving then once it has came to having it i don’t want it, its been bland and unappealing. I’ve wanted to fight everyone and turned a little bit snappy towards my other half due to lack of food and caffeine but at the same time I’ve just wanted to hide in my room under a blanket until the headache and stomach cramps have disappeared.

I realised that yesterday i didn’t mention my my other goals that i am wanting to achieve. i managed my 50 squats although my knee is starting to give out on me a little bit and so i am starting to worry that it might not be such a good idea. I also only managed 1.5 miles of my walking goal, which i am a little disappointed with as to reach my 90 miles/month goal i need at least 3 miles/day. but i am a total of 4.44 miles on my way to Mordor.

As for today i have managed 50 of my squats so far, i have been doing them in rounds of 25,  and will be doing my final 25 before i go to bed tonight. I am not wanting to over do it and hurt my knee to the point i cant walk. Again it has been a disappointing day on the walking front too and only managed 1.87 miles. In my defence it has been Baltic outside and if i did not need to be out there was no chance i was gonna be anywhere but tucked up on my sofa.

Tomorrow is again a new day and I’ve decided i am going to have a day off from my dieting and have a cheat day before starting again on Sunday.



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