Military Diet Day 2

Day started OK really, i knew i wasn’t going to have time for my breakfast before taking the munchkins to school so i opted for having my half of a banana before school trip then came home to finish my breakfast which consisted of 1 whole egg and another dry slice of toast with delicious water to wash it down with. Slight headache setting i’m guessing that’s my caffeine withdrawals.

Lunchtime and my headache has well and truly kicked in spent the last 2 hours in bed under the covers, who knew the withdrawal symptoms could be so bad, i want to vomit and the cramps i’m experiencing are unbelievable. Couldn’t face my lunch until after i had picked the kids up at 3:20 pm. Managed to have my 3 crackers and hard boiled egg, which i sliced thinly and placed on the crackers, but struggled with my pot of Greek yogurt. Every mouthful was like a chore.

Onto dinner, now you’re not supposed to eat after 6 pm which made my dinner hard as i had only finished eating at 4 pm and my stomach was still doing somersaults. But like a trooper i marched on and had my delicious meal of 2 hot-dogs, 64g of carrots, 112g Spinach and half a banana all washed down with a glass of apple juice. To be honest it wasn’t actually as bad as i expected (even the spinach) but wasn’t too long before it was all back up. And BANG there was the headache again 2 paracetamols and back to bed for me. tomorrow could only get better, i mean come on i get to have cheese, can’t wait.



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