Military Diet Day 1

Well had a little falling out with my scales today as they weren’t very nice to me but hopefully this will be the last time i see that number staring back at me. i really over indulged during the Christmas holidays and the 3 bottles of Rum obviously have not helped at all.

But anyway, off to a great start today (So far) Breakfast was a doddle as i got to eat my favourite, Peanut Butter on toast, not so keen on the half a grapefruit tho but i found that if i ate a slice of grapefruit followed by a bite of peanut butter on toast then it took away most of the taste. also who on earth drinks black coffee!? skipped half of that and had a glass of water instead. cant be bad for you but feel i may that caffeine rush later on

On to Lunch. OK so i thought black coffee was bad! have you ever tried to eat a tin of tuna with no dressing or seasoning? I have and it was not great. Along with the dry toast i was spitting feathers as i refused to drink the black coffee to wash it down with So ended up having another Glass of water. Without a doubt this has to be the most water i have drank in one day in a long time. Cant wait for Dinner tonight :).

Dinner time and i almost set my house on fire while frying my 3 oz chicken bit, next time i will be taking more time to actually oven cook it. It didn’t say on the website that you couldn’t use oil to fry it but i was assuming oil = fat = bad for you/not allowed. Apart from the little mishap tho Dinner was OK. The children were sat with their chips and chicken nuggets with spaghetti hoops and the hubby was waiting to go to his Dads, for a large bowl of Chicken curry with rice and chips all washed down with no doubt a few cans!! And then here’s me sitting in the corner with my 4 small cubes of charcoal chicken, 10 small cherry tomatoes, 1 small apple and a half, YES HALF, a banana cut into as many slices i could get so it looked bigger. Best part of my meal was the glass of apple juice i had to wash it down with.


I have made it to the end of the day and i have to say i’m doing pretty well. Apart from the fact that i can physically feel my stomach eating chunks of itself i have managed to get what i needed done.

I have also achieved my other 2 goals of 30 squats and i can tick off a total of 2.94 miles from my 90 mile/month goal and means i have started my 1779 mile journey to Mordor.

Looking Forward to tomorrow, wonder how im going to feel after 1 full day without any caffeine at all, no coffee and not even any Pepsi, and looking at the new one starting.


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