Weekends Here

Saturday 7th January

Today was my Daughters birthday party! God help me!

I was actually quite proud of myself today if i’m honest i resisted all the junk food on offer and ordered myself a sandwich. The fact that the sandwich was pepperoni and cheese is another matter tho. I resisted the ice-cream (my favourite at any time of day) and said no to cake. All went well at the party itself.

I knew the Bestie was coming over later on and that alcohol and takeaway would be a given so went for the healthier choice and made a very tasty chicken Casserole. I also bought an extra bottle of Pepsi Max and told myself that i would only have a few rum and Pepsi’s then would go onto just Pepsi. HAHAHAHA yeah right like that was ever going to happen. In the past i have done slimming world and they talk about your alcohol tipping point, my tipping point is one glass!! Anyway back to my well laid plans going out of the window. I had almost a full litre bottle of Rum. All to myself and turned slightly into a Pirate. We stayed up until half 5 AM drinking, dancing and laughing, i’m counting that later two as my exercise for the day.

Sunday 8th January

Complete write off!!

Started the day with a gigantic cooked sandwich from the sandwich shop, which we had to order in as none of us were leaving the house. Stayed in pj’s all day watching films while snuggled on the sofa with my youngest, gotta love a pj and film day.

Diet will start tomorrow!!!


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