New week, New start.

Monday 9th January

Today was defiantly not a new start!

To be fair it wasn’t actually a bad day as in i didn’t each much at all. Id had a bad night with my Asthma (yes out of everything i could be bad at it had to be breathing) and so was up best part of the night then when i eventually did fall asleep i had nightmare after nightmare, Maybe having the lives of the Kray Twins as my night time reading material isn’t my best move.

After dropping the Kids off at school i crawled back into bed for an hour (or two)  then it was time to get packed lunches and uniforms sorted for the kids’ clubs after school. got back home from the clubs at 7 pm  and had only had 3 cups off coffee all day, no food 😦 my stomach was going nuts and thought my throat had been cut. Hubby ordered a Chinese, i was now a happy Bunny.

Tuesday 10th January

Decided that today is my last day of just trying and tomorrow will be the start of the 3 day Military diet followed by Slimming World. I now have a Christening and 2 parties to look forward to so far this year and next year i will be bridesmaid for my sister-in-law. As i have trouble loosing any weight off my bottom half i will also be teaming this with the 30 day squat challenge and the walk to Mordor i will be aiming to have at least walked 90 miles over the months ahead until my trek has ended links to all challenges are posted below.

Military diet plan:

30 day squat challenge:

Walk to Mordor: 


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