Lifestyle change

Made a life changing decision on Thursday. That decision was to be come vegan.

Thursday 5th January

I did a little bit of research on it and decided that yes! i CAN do this, so i signed up with PETA and agreed to have recipes and meal ideas sent via email to me to help me along the way. Now i have to tell you this was a late night decision and i may have had a couple of rums!! Just over an hour later i’m sat with my Half pound cheeseburger from the take away and more then half was gone by the time i realised what was happening.

This was not a good start!!

Who starts a diet at  10:30 pm tho? so i decided i would put that little incident behind me and start fresh the next day.

Friday 6th January

Mad rush this morning getting children ready for school. had my youngest jumping around excitedly as it was just one more sleep until her party. Today was actually going well for my vegan lifestyle, or so i thought to myself at 12 pm, i hadn’t ate anything i shouldn’t have. Come to think of if i hadn’t had anything to eat at all! But that was alright i would make make myself a coffee and decide what i was going to have for lunch. Wait i cant have a coffee i don’t have the right type of milk. CRAP!!! I’ve already had one this morning while getting the children ready! OK vegetarian i can be vegetarian!! That’s do able for me.

That night my Hubby decided to surprise me with a lovely meal, what do i get? Two Premium Burgers with a shed load of cheese and two waffles.


So after these two days of a Vegan/Vegetarian  Lifestyle i have decided that it isn’t for me and i’m not going to beat myself up over it, i tried and that is all anyone can do, i know i didn’t try my very hardest but i just don’t think in reality that i really wanted to. I like meat and i Love dairy products. I will how ever be cutting down my meat intake.



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