Day 1

bigstock-The-Beginning-sign-with-a-suns-82320449.jpgwell today went off to a flying start,

Up early, cup of coffee, shower, dry body brushing, compression stockings on, quick 3 mile jog. Home get the kids ready for school, shopping done, bills paid. Yeah Right HAHA

In reality

woke up average time, made cup of coffee, kids ready, me ready, just about to leave for school, Crap!! forgot stockings. strip off, stockings on. ok ready to go. Damn it!! quickly chug a lukewarm shot of coffee. Head to school, kids have forgotten how to walk over the Christmas holidays and trip over half a dozen times each, get to school and i look like a lunatic not the well groomed person who left the house 20 minutes ago.

Shopping done and i even stuck to my list for my weekly meal plan!! Go Me!! well except for 2 men’s gifts sets that i just had to buy for next Christmas as they were only £1.85 each.

now just to unpack and do my morning leg exercises and try not to fall asleep.


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