A Little About Me

Hi, i’m Kaylee a 28 year old self confessed food lover. I have lived on the chunky side of life since 2009 and i am ready to put a stop to it. i always knew i was bigger then average throughout my high school years but always put it down to being the tallest out of my friends 5’2 by age 11.

Around 13 years old i realised that out of every girl in my year, even the really over weight girls, i had the biggest legs. This was when the embarrassment set in and i refused to do any activity which involved me showing my bottom half. At the age of 15 (2002) i went to the doctors with a swollen foot to be told i had a sprain and i should rest it. This went on for a further 2 1/2 years before x-rays and finally an operation to remove a foreign body from my foot.This did not help!

Fast forward to 15th November 2015 and i finally started to get the help i needed with scans, ultrasounds and a very unpleasant lymphoscintigram. On 23rd December 2015 i was diagnosed with Lymphodema of the right foot and ankle and bilateral lipoedema in my legs. Doctors say i have had it since puberty, around 15-16 years but back then it was just classed as puppy fat.

Up to this point i had always been very active and could loose weight, in my upper body, when i put my mind to it (including some in my lower half) but since then i have struggled immensely to even get in the right mind set.

Day 1: Do really well, eat well, exercise, drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep etc etc etc…

Day 2: Same as day 1

Day 3: Start to think what is the point the doctors have said i’ll never loose enough to fit into “normal” clothes i’m just going to be like this for the rest of my life. Give up and have a bottle of wine (or two) and a take away.

This is a rut i get continuously stuck in. But now i have had enough. If i could do it before i got diagnosed then i can do it now! Recently i have suffered with Social Anxiety and Depression which has made everything harder and it has made me doubt myself about everything.

I spent last year constantly saying ‘I cant wear that’ ‘ I cant walk that far’ ‘ I cant go out and enjoy myself with new people’ ‘I cant’ ‘I cant’ ‘I cant’. If this past year has taught me anything it that anything is possible you just have to have the right mind set and from now on i will be saying ‘I can wear that’ ‘I can go out and enjoy myself’ I can do anything i want to i just need to try.

Hopefully this blog will help Lymphies and non Lymphies get past the ‘I Can’ts’ and see the ‘I Cans’.


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