Military Diet Day 3

Finally onto my last day of this diet and can not be happier. same as yesterday i grabbed my piece of fruit before taking the kids to school. Was a little bit naughty and got the bus in as i refuse to make my babies walk to school when it is this cold. Plus i fell flat on my ass as soon as i left the flat, to the kids amusement, and that of all the parents at school when they just had to tell them “Mammy went weeeeeee”. Lucky for me a lot of the other parents had similar stories, its great when your not alone haha. Back home and time to have my slice of cheese and 3 crackers. I was in heaven missed my cheese so goddamned much.

Egg on toast again for lunch. Starting to actually look forward to this and thinking maybe, teamed up with a bit of fruit and a cuppa, i could eat this for lunch when this diets finally over. But alas i cant have the fruit or cuppa so that dream will just have to wait.

Dinner. Thank god this is my last meal as i have noticed each meal is getting smaller and smaller and i honestly don’t think they could get any smaller then 2 tins of tuna and half a banana. I AM STARVING!!!! At least i got some apple juice to go with the dry tuna. if i ever have to have tuna again it will be too soon. to think people actually do this diet and think “oh that was easy” or “i really enjoyed that” if i don’t see more then 10lbs difference on those scales in the morning i am going to self combust.


I would like to say that i have had fun doing this military diet or that it was easy but it was neither.  I cant wait to wake up in the morning and stick the kettle on and I’ve been dreaming about peanut butter on toast since day 1. coming off caffeine is the hardest thing I’ve done and its something i wont be sticking to i miss it far too much. I’ve looked forward to every meal time as I’ve been starving then once it has came to having it i don’t want it, its been bland and unappealing. I’ve wanted to fight everyone and turned a little bit snappy towards my other half due to lack of food and caffeine but at the same time I’ve just wanted to hide in my room under a blanket until the headache and stomach cramps have disappeared.

I realised that yesterday i didn’t mention my my other goals that i am wanting to achieve. i managed my 50 squats although my knee is starting to give out on me a little bit and so i am starting to worry that it might not be such a good idea. I also only managed 1.5 miles of my walking goal, which i am a little disappointed with as to reach my 90 miles/month goal i need at least 3 miles/day. but i am a total of 4.44 miles on my way to Mordor.

As for today i have managed 50 of my squats so far, i have been doing them in rounds of 25,  and will be doing my final 25 before i go to bed tonight. I am not wanting to over do it and hurt my knee to the point i cant walk. Again it has been a disappointing day on the walking front too and only managed 1.87 miles. In my defence it has been Baltic outside and if i did not need to be out there was no chance i was gonna be anywhere but tucked up on my sofa.

Tomorrow is again a new day and I’ve decided i am going to have a day off from my dieting and have a cheat day before starting again on Sunday.


Military Diet Day 2

Day started OK really, i knew i wasn’t going to have time for my breakfast before taking the munchkins to school so i opted for having my half of a banana before school trip then came home to finish my breakfast which consisted of 1 whole egg and another dry slice of toast with delicious water to wash it down with. Slight headache setting i’m guessing that’s my caffeine withdrawals.

Lunchtime and my headache has well and truly kicked in spent the last 2 hours in bed under the covers, who knew the withdrawal symptoms could be so bad, i want to vomit and the cramps i’m experiencing are unbelievable. Couldn’t face my lunch until after i had picked the kids up at 3:20 pm. Managed to have my 3 crackers and hard boiled egg, which i sliced thinly and placed on the crackers, but struggled with my pot of Greek yogurt. Every mouthful was like a chore.

Onto dinner, now you’re not supposed to eat after 6 pm which made my dinner hard as i had only finished eating at 4 pm and my stomach was still doing somersaults. But like a trooper i marched on and had my delicious meal of 2 hot-dogs, 64g of carrots, 112g Spinach and half a banana all washed down with a glass of apple juice. To be honest it wasn’t actually as bad as i expected (even the spinach) but wasn’t too long before it was all back up. And BANG there was the headache again 2 paracetamols and back to bed for me. tomorrow could only get better, i mean come on i get to have cheese, can’t wait.


Military Diet Day 1

Well had a little falling out with my scales today as they weren’t very nice to me but hopefully this will be the last time i see that number staring back at me. i really over indulged during the Christmas holidays and the 3 bottles of Rum obviously have not helped at all.

But anyway, off to a great start today (So far) Breakfast was a doddle as i got to eat my favourite, Peanut Butter on toast, not so keen on the half a grapefruit tho but i found that if i ate a slice of grapefruit followed by a bite of peanut butter on toast then it took away most of the taste. also who on earth drinks black coffee!? skipped half of that and had a glass of water instead. cant be bad for you but feel i may that caffeine rush later on

On to Lunch. OK so i thought black coffee was bad! have you ever tried to eat a tin of tuna with no dressing or seasoning? I have and it was not great. Along with the dry toast i was spitting feathers as i refused to drink the black coffee to wash it down with So ended up having another Glass of water. Without a doubt this has to be the most water i have drank in one day in a long time. Cant wait for Dinner tonight :).

Dinner time and i almost set my house on fire while frying my 3 oz chicken bit, next time i will be taking more time to actually oven cook it. It didn’t say on the website that you couldn’t use oil to fry it but i was assuming oil = fat = bad for you/not allowed. Apart from the little mishap tho Dinner was OK. The children were sat with their chips and chicken nuggets with spaghetti hoops and the hubby was waiting to go to his Dads, for a large bowl of Chicken curry with rice and chips all washed down with no doubt a few cans!! And then here’s me sitting in the corner with my 4 small cubes of charcoal chicken, 10 small cherry tomatoes, 1 small apple and a half, YES HALF, a banana cut into as many slices i could get so it looked bigger. Best part of my meal was the glass of apple juice i had to wash it down with.


I have made it to the end of the day and i have to say i’m doing pretty well. Apart from the fact that i can physically feel my stomach eating chunks of itself i have managed to get what i needed done.

I have also achieved my other 2 goals of 30 squats and i can tick off a total of 2.94 miles from my 90 mile/month goal and means i have started my 1779 mile journey to Mordor.

Looking Forward to tomorrow, wonder how im going to feel after 1 full day without any caffeine at all, no coffee and not even any Pepsi, and looking at the new one starting.

New week, New start.

Monday 9th January

Today was defiantly not a new start!

To be fair it wasn’t actually a bad day as in i didn’t each much at all. Id had a bad night with my Asthma (yes out of everything i could be bad at it had to be breathing) and so was up best part of the night then when i eventually did fall asleep i had nightmare after nightmare, Maybe having the lives of the Kray Twins as my night time reading material isn’t my best move.

After dropping the Kids off at school i crawled back into bed for an hour (or two)  then it was time to get packed lunches and uniforms sorted for the kids’ clubs after school. got back home from the clubs at 7 pm  and had only had 3 cups off coffee all day, no food 😦 my stomach was going nuts and thought my throat had been cut. Hubby ordered a Chinese, i was now a happy Bunny.

Tuesday 10th January

Decided that today is my last day of just trying and tomorrow will be the start of the 3 day Military diet followed by Slimming World. I now have a Christening and 2 parties to look forward to so far this year and next year i will be bridesmaid for my sister-in-law. As i have trouble loosing any weight off my bottom half i will also be teaming this with the 30 day squat challenge and the walk to Mordor i will be aiming to have at least walked 90 miles over the months ahead until my trek has ended links to all challenges are posted below.

Military diet plan:

30 day squat challenge:

Walk to Mordor: 

Weekends Here

Saturday 7th January

Today was my Daughters birthday party! God help me!

I was actually quite proud of myself today if i’m honest i resisted all the junk food on offer and ordered myself a sandwich. The fact that the sandwich was pepperoni and cheese is another matter tho. I resisted the ice-cream (my favourite at any time of day) and said no to cake. All went well at the party itself.

I knew the Bestie was coming over later on and that alcohol and takeaway would be a given so went for the healthier choice and made a very tasty chicken Casserole. I also bought an extra bottle of Pepsi Max and told myself that i would only have a few rum and Pepsi’s then would go onto just Pepsi. HAHAHAHA yeah right like that was ever going to happen. In the past i have done slimming world and they talk about your alcohol tipping point, my tipping point is one glass!! Anyway back to my well laid plans going out of the window. I had almost a full litre bottle of Rum. All to myself and turned slightly into a Pirate. We stayed up until half 5 AM drinking, dancing and laughing, i’m counting that later two as my exercise for the day.

Sunday 8th January

Complete write off!!

Started the day with a gigantic cooked sandwich from the sandwich shop, which we had to order in as none of us were leaving the house. Stayed in pj’s all day watching films while snuggled on the sofa with my youngest, gotta love a pj and film day.

Diet will start tomorrow!!!

Lifestyle change

Made a life changing decision on Thursday. That decision was to be come vegan.

Thursday 5th January

I did a little bit of research on it and decided that yes! i CAN do this, so i signed up with PETA and agreed to have recipes and meal ideas sent via email to me to help me along the way. Now i have to tell you this was a late night decision and i may have had a couple of rums!! Just over an hour later i’m sat with my Half pound cheeseburger from the take away and more then half was gone by the time i realised what was happening.

This was not a good start!!

Who starts a diet at  10:30 pm tho? so i decided i would put that little incident behind me and start fresh the next day.

Friday 6th January

Mad rush this morning getting children ready for school. had my youngest jumping around excitedly as it was just one more sleep until her party. Today was actually going well for my vegan lifestyle, or so i thought to myself at 12 pm, i hadn’t ate anything i shouldn’t have. Come to think of if i hadn’t had anything to eat at all! But that was alright i would make make myself a coffee and decide what i was going to have for lunch. Wait i cant have a coffee i don’t have the right type of milk. CRAP!!! I’ve already had one this morning while getting the children ready! OK vegetarian i can be vegetarian!! That’s do able for me.

That night my Hubby decided to surprise me with a lovely meal, what do i get? Two Premium Burgers with a shed load of cheese and two waffles.


So after these two days of a Vegan/Vegetarian  Lifestyle i have decided that it isn’t for me and i’m not going to beat myself up over it, i tried and that is all anyone can do, i know i didn’t try my very hardest but i just don’t think in reality that i really wanted to. I like meat and i Love dairy products. I will how ever be cutting down my meat intake.


Day 1

bigstock-The-Beginning-sign-with-a-suns-82320449.jpgwell today went off to a flying start,

Up early, cup of coffee, shower, dry body brushing, compression stockings on, quick 3 mile jog. Home get the kids ready for school, shopping done, bills paid. Yeah Right HAHA

In reality

woke up average time, made cup of coffee, kids ready, me ready, just about to leave for school, Crap!! forgot stockings. strip off, stockings on. ok ready to go. Damn it!! quickly chug a lukewarm shot of coffee. Head to school, kids have forgotten how to walk over the Christmas holidays and trip over half a dozen times each, get to school and i look like a lunatic not the well groomed person who left the house 20 minutes ago.

Shopping done and i even stuck to my list for my weekly meal plan!! Go Me!! well except for 2 men’s gifts sets that i just had to buy for next Christmas as they were only £1.85 each.

now just to unpack and do my morning leg exercises and try not to fall asleep.

A Little About Me

Hi, i’m Kaylee a 28 year old self confessed food lover. I have lived on the chunky side of life since 2009 and i am ready to put a stop to it. i always knew i was bigger then average throughout my high school years but always put it down to being the tallest out of my friends 5’2 by age 11.

Around 13 years old i realised that out of every girl in my year, even the really over weight girls, i had the biggest legs. This was when the embarrassment set in and i refused to do any activity which involved me showing my bottom half. At the age of 15 (2002) i went to the doctors with a swollen foot to be told i had a sprain and i should rest it. This went on for a further 2 1/2 years before x-rays and finally an operation to remove a foreign body from my foot.This did not help!

Fast forward to 15th November 2015 and i finally started to get the help i needed with scans, ultrasounds and a very unpleasant lymphoscintigram. On 23rd December 2015 i was diagnosed with Lymphodema of the right foot and ankle and bilateral lipoedema in my legs. Doctors say i have had it since puberty, around 15-16 years but back then it was just classed as puppy fat.

Up to this point i had always been very active and could loose weight, in my upper body, when i put my mind to it (including some in my lower half) but since then i have struggled immensely to even get in the right mind set.

Day 1: Do really well, eat well, exercise, drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep etc etc etc…

Day 2: Same as day 1

Day 3: Start to think what is the point the doctors have said i’ll never loose enough to fit into “normal” clothes i’m just going to be like this for the rest of my life. Give up and have a bottle of wine (or two) and a take away.

This is a rut i get continuously stuck in. But now i have had enough. If i could do it before i got diagnosed then i can do it now! Recently i have suffered with Social Anxiety and Depression which has made everything harder and it has made me doubt myself about everything.

I spent last year constantly saying ‘I cant wear that’ ‘ I cant walk that far’ ‘ I cant go out and enjoy myself with new people’ ‘I cant’ ‘I cant’ ‘I cant’. If this past year has taught me anything it that anything is possible you just have to have the right mind set and from now on i will be saying ‘I can wear that’ ‘I can go out and enjoy myself’ I can do anything i want to i just need to try.

Hopefully this blog will help Lymphies and non Lymphies get past the ‘I Can’ts’ and see the ‘I Cans’.

Come Join Me


Does it ever seem like you have more Diet Tricks/Advice up your sleeves then you know what to do with? Does all the advice or reports you get seem to conflict themselves?

Does it always seem as if everyone around you is having an easier time of dropping the weight then you do no matter how hard you try?

Do you ever feel like you have all the information to become a better you? But you don’t know which one to listen to or when it comes down to it you just don’t have the energy to go on that 5 mile run at 6am every morning that you promised yourself you would do?

Welcome to the club!

Join me over this next year and see where we can all be with just a little bit of I CAN!!